Hello and thanks for stopping by. I love great stories and I love writing them.

I’ve been writing stories my whole life. My latest work, Saving Grace, is book one of an epic spiritual adventure trilogy set in a near-future totalitarian Australia. It encompasses all the genres I love – action, romance, suspense, coming-of-age, spiritual mythology and a dash of erotica – set against a decaying urban landscape. Set in a dystopian world, its underlying message is one of hope. Best of all, it’s a page turner, and people tell me they’re still thinking about it months after reading it. Good thing I’m working on book two while Saving Grace is knocking on the doors of its future publisher.

Please stay and explore the site. You can find out more about me and Saving Grace, read or listen to an excerpt, see some of my other work, and check out my blog for updates on the novel, and my thoughts and tips on writing, publishing and life in general. Stay and share your thoughts, connect with me on Twitter or, if you like pictures of cats misbehaving, follow me on Instagram.

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