I don’t love you

The way most people will,

With ties that bind too tight

To let the blood flow,

Or with a need to pin you down

And work myself into your flesh

Like a drug that makes you languish in familiarity.

I don’t love you

The way the movies say

With dashes to airports

And declarations fuelled by loss.

I don’t fear ever losing you,

For I have never claimed ownership on your heart.

My love is too big to cling

Too full to want to shrink you.

No, I don’t love you like I’m supposed to love

With a forward-looking eye that measures every gesture

For signs of your devotion,

And a sulking heart

That counts your failings.

I love you like the flowers love the sun,

My heart open to you,

Basking in your glow.

I love you the only way I know how:

Right now, right here –

Wanting only this moment

And this moment

And this.

Loving you just as you are,

With no need to give it form.

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