Some free-flowing thoughts on working from a feminine, receptive place…

I’m open, receptive. My days have lost their deadlines, schedules fallen away. The endless press of meetings, greetings and recycled achievements has lost its way. I am sitting in the feminine, guided by my intuition, following thoughts down new paths, exploring without an end-game, wrapping myself in daydreams and what ifs.

The air I breathe is full of possibility. I let it come – all of it, any of it – and I process it with my heart, allowing my critical thoughts to fall silent. I sit in a place of feeling. A place of power. A place of faith and trust. A place of unknowing. Of ebbs and flows. Of atunement. Is that a word? The red line tells me it’s not but I’m going with it.

This is the feminine space. An anathema to my life till now. I’ve lived a life in the masculine – driven to constant achievement, scaling one mountain to get to the next, always with a plan, a goal, an outcome that can be measured. An extroverted life of putting on so many hats, squeezing myself to fit the narratives that the external world demands of me. Production. Productivity. Producer. Consumers consume. Those have been the mantra.

But here, I am none of those things. I have no need for labels. Here I am, being. Be-ing. Being what? To answer would miss the point. I am everything and nothing. I am. I am. I AM. That is enough.

And in this space of unknowing, I grow. I become whole and I dissolve into that wholeness. And I write. I write what is in my heart, I write the words that flow through me. I write my joy. And see where it takes me.





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