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An ancient stone, a Dreamtime legend and citizens with spiritual powers – as one of the State’s most wanted, Grace is the key to unlocking the secrets of the stone. But before Grace can save the world, she has to learn to save herself.

This is how I sum up Saving Grace: 

“Think Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake meets John Marsden’s Tomorrow When The War Began for grown-ups, with a dash of what Fifty Shades of Grey might be like if Ana and Christian were skilled in spiritual sex magic (and Ana could kill Christian with just a thought)

Should I add that it’s specuative/near-future with elements of romance, visionary, action, adventure, mystery and mythology with a coming of age story at its heart? Ah, this fitting into a neat genre thing is really hard when you have an epic story.

Saving Grace stands alone but is book one in a trilogy. It’s an action-packed page turner (see reader comments, here), driven by fully formed characters and unexpected plot twists. It’s divided into four sections, with the final section bringing together all parts of the book for a dramatic climax that both satisfies and leaves readers hungry for more.

It has taken five years of writing and rewriting, mostly between the hours of 11pm and 2am, to get to this stage. I’m so proud of it and can’t wait to be able to share it with more readers.

Saving Grace – book one

 When Grace Malone was 15, she killed 22 men who came to destroy her beloved forest. She’s what the State has termed a Freakorist – a new breed of citizens with spiritual powers.

The power within her to destroy is also the key to unlocking the ancient stone and all its secrets. There’s just one catch – the State has the stone, and they plan to use it to annihilate her kind. Now 21, Grace and her friends in the resistance group Phoenix are on a mission to save it.

But what has it to do with a Dreamtime legend and what did the Aboriginal wise-women mean when they said she would split the sky and earth?

Grace’s journey from damaged girl to fierce heroine will take her from a life in the shadows with the boy who has stood by her into the arms of the enigmatic colonel responsible for stealing the Freakorist children, and will made her doubt everything she knows.

To save her friends, she will have to learn to trust her inner wisdom and face her deepest fears, along with saving the normal boy she’s been secretly dating and keeping the war-hungry resistance group Sekhmet from getting to the stone first.

But once the stone is unlocked, Grace will be faced with a final sacrifice that demands more from her than she ever imagined.

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