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Saving Grace

An epic adventure in near-future Australia
that delves deep into its mythological past.

Twenty-one-year old Grace Malone has a dangerous power that both terrifies and empowers her. She lives in crumbling near-future Australia, controlled by an unforgiving military State. When the State goes after Lucien, a sweet ‘normal’ guy she’s been secretly dating, Grace is propelled into a world of deceit, heartbreak and divided loyalties.

Like her friends in the resistance group Phoenix, Grace is a Freakorist – a new breed the State is intent on eradicating. Their only hope of achieving freedom is to find the stone told of in ancient legend. There’s just one problem – the State has it, and it won’t be long before they figure out how to use it.

Headstrong leader of Phoenix Mattius is convinced that Grace’s exceptional power is the key to unlocking the stone. But he might not want her on their side if he discovers the truth – that before he saved her from years of imprisonment and torture, she’d fallen deeply for the charming but dangerous Colonel Oliver Wrightsmith.

Now, Oliver has returned, promising information about the stone, and Grace’s loyalties will be tested once again. To save the stone, she will have to figure out her damaged memories, bring the warring resistance groups together and unravel the mystery of the legend, while never quite knowing who to trust.

And in the process, she will uncover one final secret that could destroy not just the mysterious Freakorists, but the future of humanity.

Saving Grace is specuative fiction with elements of romance, action, adventure and mythology with a coming-of-age story at its heart.

“You have merged the real world with mythology and dreams and made it more real.” Phillip Edmonds, Lecturer Creative Writing, University of Adelaide

This is how I sum up Saving Grace in comparison to other novels:

“Think Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake meets John Marsden’s Tomorrow When The War Began for grown-ups, with a dash of what Fifty Shades of Grey might be like if Ana was skilled in spiritual sex magic.

Saving Grace stands alone but is book one in a trilogy. It’s divided into four sections covering different stages of Grace’s life, with the final section bringing together the first three parts a dramatic climax that both satisfies and leaves readers hungry for more. See reader comments, here.

Read an excerpt here.

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