My manuscript has been read by fellow writers and general readers. Here is some of the feedback I’ve received so far.

“You are a gifted writer and have an authentic voice. The characters are well drawn and situations believable. There are beautiful moments. It should be published. Why? Because you have something to say. You have merged the real world with mythology and dreams and made it more real.” Phillip Edmonds, author and former Lecturer Creative Writing, University of Adelaide

“Every word feels right and is a good balance of enticing and revealing. The character development is excellent and Oliver is incredible. It is an incredible piece of work. I’m absolutely positive this book will be successful. It’s truly outstanding and I don’t say that lightly.” Anne-Marie Taplin, writer and editor

“I finished your book last night and I loved it. It’s such a thrilling ride! I love Grace though she drove me crazy at times. Oliver is such a compelling character – I wanted Grace to run away from him but something drew me to him at the same time. All of the characters are wonderfully interesting and the balance of action/mythology /fantasy was perfect for me. I can’t wait to read the next one. Congratulations on a spectacular debut novel. It’s a cracker.” Cindie Smart, director, Cindie Smart Consulting

I received this text from a friend after a mutual friend had read it a couple of months earlier: “I NEED to read your book! [Friend] can’t stop raving about it and she is busting to be able to ‘discuss’!”